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Paul and Sharron

As a family currently living in the UK, we are intending to immigrate to Canada and building our family home.  Although we are familiar with UK construction and planning regulations, we needed a company that we could trust to provide high quality and impartial advice/support in a country we are less familiar with.  We were recommended by a number of different people to make contact with DNC Construction to help facilitate our move.  My family have been completely overwhelmed with the generosity, expertise and knowledge Carlo and Angie have provided us with and it will/has enabled us to make informed decisions regarding our potentially life changing move.  We can only say that I wish we had Construction companies such as DNC in the UK.  Without hesitation or reservation we would recommend DNC Construction to anyone (either in Canada or further afield) considering building their own property.

Max Della Zazzera

Bank Medical Centre had decided to add an approximately 4,000 sq ft addition to the existing facility without disrupting to any significant degree the continued operation of its services.
It had acquired architectural drawings for the addition, yet we realized that with any new construction and more-so with an addition that as the new was being joined to the existing that circumstances would arise that would require unforseen action and therefore escalating costs.
It was decided that we would therefore not request for a General Contractor to provide us with a quote for the project and let that individual take over the whole project from beginning to end. After discussion with individuals in the Construction Industry, Mr. Di nardo’s name came up numerous times.
After meeting with him and reviewing the project it was concluded that he would be the ideal person with the expertise to coordinate the project efficiently with obvious cost gains.
After over 6 months, it was clear that the disruption was quasi nonexistant and his knowledge of construction in general and the construction industry contributed to substantial savings. Throughout this period, feedback and discussions were well appreciated and the final product mirrored the existing and in certain areas even exceeded the existing.
Needless to say we are extremely pleased with our working relationship with Mr. Di Nardo, and without hesitation will call upon him again.

Alice Cordeiro

My husband and I chose Carlo Dinardo to build our new home. He was highly recommended by a friend Joe Palmerio who had Carlo build 1800 sqare feet bungalow in 1997.
We build our new 2100 square feet bungalow in October 2002. I found Carlo to be honest, straightforward, punctual while always being available to answer all my questions. Working with him truly made this undertaking a fun one and we felt as though we were part of your family. Your attention to detail, and willingness to accommodate our questions and requests, ensured that the process went smoothly.
You built the house on time. Most importantly, you were supportive throughout the process.
We highly recommend you as a builder to anyone who was thinking about building a home. I know that if we ever think about building in the area again, you would be our first choice as a builder that you would be very proud of all the compliments we received when visitors come to our house.
Thank you very much for the professional and personal building experience I had with you and your wife. It was a pleasure working with you.

John & Gabrielle Lappa

We just recently moved into our new home and wanted to thank you for making it all possible. We were most impressed with how you handled all the details and arrangements from start to finish, always presenting us with the best options and best value for our money. Building a home like ours is a major project which requires constant decision making and attention. Your expertise and guidance made it all easy to go through the process. In the end, your attention to all these details resulted in a home which we had been planning for years.

Thank you for your professionalism and support and we look forward to working with you again if ever we decide to move on to another dream house!

Ian Young

In addition to the generally excellent construction, we have found your accounting for this project to be very well done. Both the change order pricing and the progress billing were well documented. This made for straightforward processing on our part with minimal delays.

Thank you for your best efforts and diligence


Just to thank you for doing a fantastic job with our garage! We are so happy with your work! Looks so good! We have had so many people comment on it. So glad we found you! Thank you for what you did, what you said and who you are!